What you should consider before buying Foreclosure Homes

March 28, 2014

Buying Foreclosure Homes There are several things you should be aware of if you are contemplating on purchasing of one of many foreclosure homes in Walkerton that are for sale. Prior to beginning your search, you should know how to find these homes, how to negotiate the selling price, and how to get your foot in the door.

The best place to search for foreclosure homes is in the local Walkerton newspapers. In the public notices section of the paper, there will be listings for all homes that are currently in the process of foreclosure. Avoid the notices of default section. These advertisements appear when a homeowner has missed their payment. However, they usually intend to keep their home. One section to pay close attention to is the intent to sell notice. This lists homes that will be sold at auction, including the date, time, and location of the auction. The current homeowner's name, lending institution, and other pertinent information will also be listed. This is information that you will need.

The best thing to do when you are considering the purchase of a foreclosure home for sale is to go by the house and see if there is a sale sign in the yard. If not, it is a good idea to try and talk to the borrower. There is a good chance they are dealing with relentless calls from banks and investors wanting to know where their money is. This means they may be difficult to get in touch with, and they may be standoffish as a result. However, if you have the chance to explain to the owner that they will actually benefit from allowing you to purchase the home by keeping a foreclosure off their credit, they may be more willing to talk to you. They may even be willing to negotiate a deal with you. However, you should know that there are also borrowers who are doing everything in their power to save their home and they may be upset that you have contacted them.

After a borrower has realized that it will benefit them to keep a foreclosure off their credit report, they may be willing to allow you to purchase their home. These homes for sale may be purchased outright, sold through a short sale, or with a mortgage transfer, if the bank agrees to it. You should discuss these options with the borrower and lender. Keep in mind that regardless of how you end up purchasing the home, you, the borrower, and the bank will all benefit from your purchase.

To get the right advice on buying a foreclosed home is to deal with a Real Estate agent from Walkerton that has dealt with homes being sold through a bank.

Is it Wise to Buy Real Estate without using a REALTOR®

March 22, 2014

For Sale By Owner The Internet has opened the door for a number of new ways to buy real estate. You can search through the Craigslist ads or use social media and visit Facebook. But are these the best ways to do a thorough search for the property you are seeking instead of working with a knowledgeable and friendly Thornbury real estate agent?

Technological changes in our everyday world have made the idea of performing your own real estate search appealing. A real estate agent in Thornbury may be seen as an unnecessary third party because you can complete the deal on your own terms. But the purchase of real estate is far different than going to your local Target or WalMart and buying a new pair of shoes or the latest technological gadget. The amount of required paperwork is overwhelming to many people, and the effort requires its due diligence. Venturing in to this complicated financial and legal arena requires the assistance of a qualified REALTOR® to avoid the common pitfalls and misconception about the entire real estate purchase process.

Probably the most common error made in the purchase process is not paying enough attention to the fine print. Yes, it is always there, and in order to insure the validity and legality of the purchase contract the fine print must be read carefully. Verbal agreements are a polite idea if dealing with family members or a close friend, but have no place in real estate purchase agreements. The seller usually completes the purchase contract with the assistance from a real estate lawyer. Unless you are very familiar with legal terminology and its meaning, it is highly recommended that you enlist the assistance of a qualified lawyer.

One term you need to understand is earnest money. Earnest money is a deposit given to the seller to secure the property that you wish to purchase. Other less legal terms are the reservation fee and initial deposit. However, these terms can be very misleading, and should you make an error with this point it can lead to substantial negative financial consequences for you if the deal falls through. Here is where a real estate agent that knows Thornbury plays a valuable part in the purchase process. They can set up an escrow account for you to put the money in, which will secure your funds with a trust company until the deal is completed.

With the exception of a buyer having exceptional information about a property they wish to buy, making a physical, on site inspection of the property is necessary. In many cases where a buyer has some knowledge of the property or overextends their trust to a familiar friend, the buyer often will let down their guard and not visit the property to be purchased. Again, a real estate agent is a valuable asset as they will provide a full disclosure of the property and its condition, as their professional reputation depends on providing the best information to their clients. This will give you the best information possible before moving to the next step in the real estate purchase process.

Deciding how much to Loan Home Buyers

March 17, 2014

Home Mortgage Loans You are currently in the market to buy real estate in Southampton. The thing on your list is to visit your lender for a loan which is a part of the home buying process. At the meeting they will let you know, among other things, what is the maximum amount you can borrow and what are the determining factors they will use to arrive at this number.

Beyond your credit report and annual income, mortgage lenders consider several other factors that result in their final decision.

Your Gross Monthly Income
This not your annual income but how much you make before taxes and any deductions each month. A general guideline used by most mortgage lenders is that your monthly mortgage payment should be below twenty-eight percent of your gross monthly income. This is a long term consideration by the lender to give them reasonable assurance you will be able to make your monthly payments for the duration of the loan.

It is important to know that to be considered for a mortgage loan on your new Southampton home, the borrower will need to have a stable job history that is at least two years long.

Your Ratio of Debt to Income
This number is determined by totaling all your monthly debts and dividing it by the total gross monthly income. While the amount of your monthly mortgage payment has been considered above, this number is a broader consideration which includes all your debts such as credit cards and car loans. A number lower than thirty-six percent is considered to be manageable by most borrowers.

You can improve your debt to income ratio by paying down your existing debts and consider obtaining a co-borrower for the loan.

In general, a lender will look over your payment history as well as the types of debt you have incurred over your credit lifetime. One or both of these formulas may be used in calculating the final amount you will be available to borrow.

There are factors directly related to the loan itself, such as the type of loan, the term, the interest rate, and the amount of your down payment that are also evaluated before you will be able to purchase real estate in Southampton.

How to treat Mold Growth in your Home

March 12, 2014

Mold Growth in your Home Molds are present everywhere mainly around wet places in houses or work places. They always have spores which pose health risks to human beings. Their spores are risky to human health in the sense that they cause respiratory problems when inhaled as well as allergic reactions. Moreover, there are some molds that produce toxins known as Mycotoxins that can pose severe health risk to human beings. This toxin is so dangerous that it can lead to death in some cases; therefore, one should remove molds in their respective work places or homes since they are harmful.

How to remove mold

There are a number of methods of mold removal; however, one should know that eliminating growth of fungi and replacement of mold contaminated parts is a key way of getting rid of them. It might not be enough to just kill them with a biocide. Their removal must be done thoroughly since they still possess chemicals that are harmful to human health even in their dead form.

You can find mold in nearly every location in your house, whether it's the bathroom, house, attic etc. The more toxic molds need to be taken care of more aggressively and should be best handled by experts. One company I've used in the past for black mold removal in my bathroom was CleanFirst.

Assessing mold exposures

Start by evaluating the areas which are mold contaminated before you start to remove them; this always ensures safety. Moreover, it is always important to clean that area too before you start removing them. After that, look for the source of water that enhanced their growth and fix it if possible.

Make sure as well to test the quality of the air, there is a lot of indoor air quality testing equipment available for this. This is extremely important to fully evaluate the seriousness of the issue in your home.

Also, you will need to check all available air channels like the ventilations and other air handling components to ensure that the problem does not spread within the indoor living environment.

In cases where the molds have infected a large area, you can look for a qualified expert for its proper removal and disposal. Never try to remove the mould by yourself if you are not confident enough when a qualified expert can always do the job for you.

What to wear during moulds removal

It is important not to breathe in mold spores when you are cleaning them up since this will expose you to health risk; therefore, it is recommended that you cover your nose and mouth with suitable protective gears. You can decide whether to wear a full face respirator or a half face respirator depending on the amount of mold to be removed. Where half face respirator will only cover your nose and mouth, a full face respirator will cover your eyes too making it the most recommended when molds to be removed and cleaned are too much. However, if you wear half face respirator, ensure you protect your eye by wearing goggles. Make sure you wear them properly since they may not protect you enough if no fitted properly.

In addition, wear protective clothing especially if you have any cut on your skin as they will prevent the mold's spores from entering your body system through the cut/s. In conjunction to this, wear rubber gloves on your hands and safety boots on your legs. This will totally protect your skin from coming into contact with mold.

Manage your Stress Easily during the Selling Process

March 7, 2014

Sell your Home Stress Free When it comes to selling Real Estate in Shelburne – stress is a common situation that happens to many sellers. If you suffer from this condition, you have to do some healthy activities to reduce your overall stress levels.

Some people use unhealthy substances, such as tobacco or alcohol, to overcome their stress and if you want to stay healthy, you should avoid using these substances. Here are some healthy ways to treat your stress the right way.

Express Your Feelings

If you want to relieve your stress, you need to express your feelings. Don't forget to express your thoughts and feelings to your friends, relatives and love ones. You can decrease your stress levels by sharing your feelings with other people.

Relax Yourself

It is also important for you to take time to relax. Although you have a lot of activities to do, you should spend some time doing some of your favorite activities, such as reading books, having a hot bath, going for long walks. These activities will keep your mind calm.

Do Some Exercises

There are some exercises that you can do decrease your stress immediately. Doing exercises are a very effective way to improve your body and metabolism. Exercise can also increase the blood circulation around your body. Regular exercise can produce endorphins in your own body and therefore, this is recommended for people with high stress levels.

Get Lots Of Sleep

This is another useful tip for people who want to relieve themselves from stress naturally. Your body needs proper time to sleep every day. When you sleep well, your body is going to produce some essential hormones, for example melatonin. This important hormone is very useful to maintain your calm mind.

Talk With Other Friends

Many people feel comfortable when they speak to their close friends. It is very important for you to have some relatives and friends who are ready to help you in this difficult situation. They are ready to help you solve your problems. You can talk with them when you have some problems in your life.

Managing your stress is important for your overall good health. Therefore, when you put your Shelburne property up for sale on MLS® — follow these tips above to keep your stress levels at bay.

Four Tips to Protect the Roof on your Southampton Home

February 28, 2014

Roofing Tips to Protect your Southampton Home A good roof can last for about 10 - 20 years without having any problems. You may want to take care of your roof because new installation usually requires you to spend a lot of your money. There are some ways that may damage your roof. However, you should not worry about these problems. Most of these problems can be prevented easily.

If you plan to put your home on the Southampton Real Estate Market, you should make sure that your roof is ready before selling. Here are several useful tips on how you can prepare your home properly.

  1. Prune the Trees
    If you have trees around your house, you have to prune these trees. This is very important because some branches can be damaged by strong wind. These branches may scrape your shingles when they are not pruned well. Therefore, you have to cut some trees that may damage your roof quickly.

    Give some distances between your roof and some trees around your house. Make sure that these trees won't scrape your shingles and roof. Pruning the tree around your roof can reduce the possibility of some birds or squirrels from coming to your roof. Hire a professional tree trimming service for pruning these trees.
  2. Clear all Leaves
    Your roof may accumulate some leaves everyday. These leaves should be removed immediately, so they won't cause any damages on your roof. Some leaves may trap moisture on you roof. This water is not good for your roof because it may erode your roof shingles. Leaves may also increase the growth of some insects, ants, or even weeds. You should clear all leaves on top of your roof, so you can prevent the growth of any pests on top of your roof.
  3. Caulk your Roof Properly
    In some cases, your roof may have some holes or damages on its structure. These holes may allow a lot of water to get into your house. Water can also rot the material of your roof. Therefore, you have to caulk your roof properly. Roofing caulk is an affordable procedure that you can do it yourself. You can improve your roof value when you caulk this item properly.
  4. Check the flashing
    Roof flashing is an important item that is placed on top of your roof. There are many types of flashings that are available today. Most of them are made from metal. Therefore, you need to check these items regularly to make sure that they function well. Make sure that you check them after some storms.

There are a lot of things that you can do to improve your house's value. These tips are very important for all homeowners looking to buy real estate through a Southampton REALTOR®. Make sure that you inspect your roof regularly, so you can save your money in the future.

Time for a Bathroom Makeover on your Collingwood Home

February 24, 2014

Home Bathroom Makeover Apart from your kitchen, your bathroom is probably the place that is most frequently used. It definitely feels great to walk into a bathroom that is modern and clean, but besides that, a bathroom makeover will increase the value of your home and give you a better return when you decide to sell it on the Collingwood Real Estate Market.

Below are given five ideas that will make your morning routine brighter and give you the feel of walking into a spa.

Refinish your tub

After sometime, white bathtubs starts becoming a little dirty. If you hire professional to get your tub refinished it can cost you more than $300. But why do you need to spend such a big amount when you can do the task yourself. All you need to do is buy a refinishing kit, which will cost you around $30, from a hardware store, and follow the given instructions.

Install his or her showerhead

If you have a pretty large shower, then you can install her and his showerheads. A steam head can be installed for her, and his showerhead can be placed high enough. You will no longer have to wait for each other to come out before it is your chance. Both of you will be happy.

Make right use of space available between the studs

It is very important to have a place in your bath or shower to keep your soaps, shampoos and also your rubber ducky. It is obviously annoying to keep on knocking bottles off the ledge while trying to grab them, but it can also be dangerous. You could trip on them, they can make you slip, and thus you will end up hurting yourself. Make right use of the space available between the studs, and create inset shelves, wherein you can keep your toiletries.

Get a better water heater

If you are facing hot water issues, then you can invest in getting a better water heater. If you like being eco-friendly you can opt for tankless water heater that will provide you with hot water instantly when needed. This will save you both money and energy, as your water heater will not be trying to keep a huge amount of water at high temperatures.

Make the bathroom in your home brighter

If the bathroom in your home can get more natural light, it can definitely make a big difference. Though most people do not like the idea of a big window for privacy purposes, you have another option, installing a skylight. Skylights will offer you natural light while still maintaining your privacy. Get one that opens and it will help vent steam, thus helping avoid moisture problems.

For more tips and advice on what make overs you should do to your home   it is always a good idea to contact a Collingwood Real Estate agent that knows the market.

The Unexpected In Buying Orangeville Real Estate

February 17, 2014

Unexpected Real Estate Problems The good thing is that if problems are addressed on time, you may not be required to pay a lot of money. Here are some guidelines on how to trace such minor problems before buying real estate in Orangeville.

Plumbing Issues
The truth is that tracing plumbing faults can prove daunting and to some point you might require a professional to give a hand. A lot of people tend to only concentrate on their living rooms and forgetting other parts of the house when checking plumbing issues. Here are important points to focus on.

  • Ceiling corners – This is one of the points where you can easily detect plumbing issues. Be sure to check the points of contact for both the ceiling and the wall. Cracks and flake are indications of such issues.
  • Bathroom – The bottom line of the bathroom wall can help you trace some plumbing issues.
  • Tiles – A lot of water usually affect the grout especially when coming from below. Loose tiles and flake are an indication of plumbing problem.
  • Not to forget, ensure that you thoroughly inspect the closets since you can easily detect piping issues from them easily.
Stubborn Doors and Windows

Tracing the points affecting the opening and closing of both the windows and doors is pretty simple. Here, you should focus on inspecting the hinges and the locks. They are usually affected by rust hence the stubbornness in operating.

The problems with stubborn doors and windows may be considered simple but they have the potential to trigger serious implications in the long run.

Important to note, such problems should help you realize that there could be more problems. Be sure to take a tour down the basement to ascertain if there are floor problems. It is simple to feel the nature of the floor and know if it is in the right condition. If need be, you should contact a professional to help you in this since it might not be safe.

Wiring Problems

The simplicity of tracing a wiring fault greatly depends on how big it is and also its location. The truth is that it might prove impossible to trace wiring problems located under the wall unless with professional's help.

Even though you feel that it can be a daunting task to trace all the wiring faults in a property before you buy. It is advisable to get a professional Orangeville Real Estate Agent to guide you before buying.

Ready to Buy your First Collingwood Home? Here is your Quick Checklist

February 11, 2014

Firsttime Homebuyers Checklist If you want to find the best home among the all numerous homes for sale in Collingwood Ontario, it can be challenging process – especially for people who are buying a home for the first time. In fact, it is the same as moving out of your parent's house or graduating from high school.

It is a wise decision to buy a Collingwood property. This is because it enables you to make a long term investment in your future. In addition, you will have taken the initial step for the future financial security. But, going for a house when you are not prepared can have a negative impact and it will put a cramp in your plans. Therefore, it is significant to access the level of your income so as to know if it is the right time to buy a home.

According to the recent statistics, some people buy their residential homes at the age of 30 while others buy at the age of 21. Nevertheless, some might even continue to live in rental houses fore the rest of their lives. How can you know if you are ready to buy a home? This is a question which can be answered by the following tips.

By organizing all your finances

Do you have your credit score in order? Have you cleared your student loans, personal loans or credit card debt? If you have not completed the above tasks, it is significant to have all your finances in order and pay your debts before beginning to look for a residential house. This will avoid a situation whereby your will be adding a mortgage on the previous debt which you have.

Save enough money for down payments

Before buying a home, you don't need to just have an exact amount for down payments. You need to have some extra cash which you can use for improvements or repairs. In addition, you will not pay a lot of interests as the duration of the loan will be shorter. Therefore, you need to save a bigger down payment so as to create equity in your home.

You need to be earning enough money

According to financial experts, it is recommended that you shouldn't take a monthly payment which is greater than 25% of your net income which includes insurance and taxes. If you have low income, you will be in problems. Hence you need to ensure that you are earning enough money which will comfortably afford the payment of the mortgage.

It is comfortable to settle in one place

It is also an important factor to decide if you are moving elsewhere before buying a house. It is a long term investment to buy a home. So, you require buying the house if you are sure that you will not be moving to another place. You should rent a house if you will be shifting to another place.

In conclusion, the above tips will enable you to shop through all the homes on the MLS® and contact your local Collingwood Real Estate to purchase that perfect one for you.

Smart Ways to use the Equity in your Owen Sound Home

February 5, 2014

Using equity on your Homes You should understand that the longer you own your Owen Sound real estate property; you are going to get more equity out of it. Some people may want to improve their property by taking the equity and reinvest it back into their property.

Below are several tips that you can follow so that you use your equity the right way.

  1. Remodel your own Owen Sound Home
    This is the first thing that you can do with your home equity loan. You are able to improve the appearance of your home by remodeling it based on your preferences. You can add some decorative items to your kitchen, family room, and any other rooms inside your home. You can use home equity for funding this project. Improving your home appearance can significantly increase its value.
  2. Have some required Major Repairs
    This equity can be used to fund some repairs, such as re-roofs or treating some plumbing problems. This improvement is very useful to maintain the value of your home. You can hire some technicians to perform these major repairs properly. There are some service companies that are ready to help you repair any damaged items in your house quickly.
  3. Buy another Property in Owen Sound
    Real estate is believed to be one of the best investments today. You are able to use the home equity for buying your second property, especially when the home values are down. When the property market recovers, you can sell your second property for getting profit. This tip is also useful for you who want to move to another city easily.
  4. Prepare for the Unexpected Situation
    You should prepare for the unexpected situation, such as medical expenses, job losses, accidents, and some other unwanted things. Therefore, you can use home equity loan for giving you immediate money for getting through this difficult time.

These are all smart ways that you can follow, that allows you to take your equity and use it properly. It is not a difficult thing to maximize the benefits, especially when you know how to do so. For more tips on getting more equity out of your home – contact a local Owen sound REALTOR®.